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The TRADEX Translation Agency was created in 2000.  

Our agency experiences a constant growth since the time of creation. We grow in number of translated languages. We grow in personnel. More and more professional translators, interpreters, scientists and simply good and professional people join us each year. Since the very beginning our strategy was to give the best to our client, by means of up-to-date technologies, highly qualified personnel selected by severe and highly challenging recruitment procedure ( all our translators have the University Degree in translated languages, and at least 5 years of relevant experience), professional and friendly attitude to the needs and requests of our customers. 

After four years of successful activity we became the leading translation agency on the local market of our region. In March 2006 we established a company-representation in Moscow city. Currently we have hundreds and hundreds of happy clients in many countries of the world, and we are keen to remain on the peak of technology and professional expertise in the future.

Please, navigate the other pages of our translation agency, and you are always welcome to contact us for any additional information and personal approach. 

We strongly hope for a future collaboration with your company and we do believe that our agency will always give you more than you'd be expecting from us. 



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