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    Our agency provides the following general types of translation:

  • Translation of economic, legal, financial, technical, and other texts.

  • Translation of Web-sites, digital media presentations, CD presentations, brochures, catalogues and other promotional materials of a company.

  • Translation of documents (Certificates of birth, marriage, divorce, diplomas, academic transcripts, Work Record Books, Driving licenses, and etc..).

  • Statutory documents of a company ( Company Charter, Articles of incorporation, Certificate of Registration, Decisions, Contracts, Licenses, etc.)

  • Business and commercial correspondence ( presentations, business proposals, company descriptions, market researches, letters to business partners, invoices, contracts, etc..).

  • Specialized translations ( scientific works, technical descriptions, operation manuals, etc).

  • Authentication of all our translations by the notary, and legalization of the translations in the embassies, consulates, foreign representations, other public and state authorities.

We guarantee perfect translation of specialized texts by addressing the translators who are true professionals in a relevant area and by using a multistage quality control system. Specialized translations after being translated are usually checked by the consultants and experts who work in the relevant area of expertise, to ensure the highest quality of the translation style and content, and the right and appropriate usage of special terminology in the text translated into target language. 

All our clients may benefit from a free trial. In other words, before starting to work with us you can send us via fax or e-mail a small fragment of text ( up to 500 characters)  that should be translated, and we'll translate it to you absolutely free. 

We can draw-up and edit translation 100% identical to the original, in any possible data transmission format used in Windows based applications such as: MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Front Page, Quark Express, Adobe Photoshop, Acrobat, Corel Draw, Html, etc..


Translation of video and sound presentations


We also provide the following services related to the translation of video and sound presentations:


  • Introduction of text and titers in video

  • translation and recording of the sound

  • recording of CD-s with translated presentations

  • delivery of translated sound and video CD-s via Internet, ordinary or express (DHL, TNT) post. 

     All other issues related to translation. 



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