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The Staff

It is not only the utmost up-to-date technical facilities that distinguish our agency from the other. It is people that are much more important and it is people, good professional people who make our agency successful and highly appreciated by our customers. Our severe recruitment procedures pay for themselves and provide us with the best professionals in different areas of expertise. At the moment we have 11 full-time employees and more than 50 freelance translators and language experts in our staff. Our staff includes licensed translators, interpreters, philologists, graphic designers and computer specialists, with vast experience in their profession. All members of our staff are dedicated to their work and to make the translation that will meet the following criteria:

  • Will be of the highest professional standard;

  • Will take into account all wishes and requests of the customer;

  • Will be made in the form and exterior demanded by the client;

  • Will be made in time limits agreed with the customer.

  • Will be completely confidential. 


 You will be completely satisfied by the friendliness of our staff. We do pay a great attention to the personal qualities of every employee that works with us, to ensure that not only his personal qualities but his friendly attitude serve in favor of our clients. We appreciate very much the client's needs and requirements, and provide every single client with personal care and attention. 


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