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Web-design, translation and localization of Web-sites:

TRADEX Translation Agency will help you to make your company worldwide known  and appreciated in many countries of the world, by creation of a multilingual Web-site, its localization and promotion in target countries. Needless to say that multilingual well-promoted and advertised Web-site will considerably improve the international sales of your company, will open a lot of new markets for your goods and will attract a lot of new clients.   

The translated and well-promoted Web-site will provide you with:

  • The best possible and inexpensive way of advertising of your company,  goods, services,  365 days a year.

  • The opportunity to promote your goods and services in the new markets.

  • Better service to your foreign partners and clients. Your foreign partners and clients will always be able to get the latest information about your company, services, goods, new projects and future prospects. They'd be able to receive last minute updates of prices, new goods available, new services on offer, and many other, in their native language.


"The creation and translation of a Web-site" (How it works?)

The creation, translation, and localization of a Web-site is a multistage work that involves a lot of creative and professional skills. In our agency, we take this issue very seriously, to assure that on every important stage of this process, the work is done properly. The time scale of a Web-site creation and design peculiarities, depend on every particular case and on needs, available resources and material of every particular client. But in most cases the creation of translated Web-site consists of the following stages:

  • Web-page model sampling. We provide our client with several samples of possible Web-page design, for him to choose the best appropriate, before we start the main work. If the client already has a Web-site, and he would like the new translated Web-site to be performed in the same or similar style, then we take his model as a base.

  • Translation of the site content provided by the client. The content ( general information regarding the client's company, price lists, descriptions of goods and services, etc.) is taken from the existing site if the site exists, or is provided by the client in electronic form or printed form. Then it is translated by our translators taking into account the peculiarities of the target market.

  • Editing and terminology check. The translated text is edited in the form requested by the client and is subjected to terminology check by our experts.

  • Design of the Web-site and localization. Our graphic designers and computer specialists put together the text information, photos, sounds, banners and other graphics in accordance with the approved Web-page model.

  • Functional check. The functionality of all Web-site elements (hyperlinks, banners, text, photo, video and sound presentations) is thoroughly checked by our specialists offline and on-line.

  • Final linguistic check. Our philologists and area experts perform the final check of the text content of the site. The content shouldn't have any grammatical, terminological or stylistic mistakes, and should correspond to the initial intentions and needs of the client, while being well and adequately perceived by the audience of the target country.

  • The Web-site goes online.



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